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750ml pressurised aerosol delivering an odour neutralising solution that spreads.

OCD is the leading odour removal experts, with fragrances that match perfectly the actual scents found in nature.

In the words of OCD

Years and years ago in the fresh mountains of Tibet, during an expedition for the cleanest and purest sources of water, we extracted essence of Everest mountain water to use in OCD base.

We then travelled by foot to Madagascar, it took 12 years 5 months and 11 days. We arrived exhausted but exhilarated as we found the rarest and most potent form of Madagascan Vanilla. Along the way we collected over 60 unique ingredients, the ingredients you see today in OCD Gels, blocks and sprays.

After we collected these ingredients, we combined them into 5 different aromas, had them scientifically tested and proven to remove those nasty odours we hated so much.

And we do HATE bad odours, so we made sure OCD didn’t just mask the smells like many others, but actually neutralised them so they could never harm another nasal passage ever again.

Check out the range of sprays, blocks and gels for all of your odour neutralisign needs.