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Welcome to O'D-AIR the most effective ozone air purifier

O'D-AIR is UK designed, specifically for industrial applications to remove odours and sterilise by destroying bacteria, mildew, viruses and allergens. Nothing is more effective than ozone, it destroys the molecular structure of odours and pathogens

Don't leave it to chance - O'D-AIR is reliable and ensures that no odour escapes!


O'D-AIR uses corona discharge technology to generate ozone, which is scientifically proven to destroy pathogens and odours to cleanse the air naturally - making oxygen as a byproduct.

This is the only generator on the market to actively mix ozone with room air, meaning it works faster than any other. O'D-AIR is simple and safe to use with an automatic timer mechanism, it runs itself!


G248 In Room Ozone Generator

Our in-room ozone generator is the only one of its kind. It is the only generator to actively mix ozone with room air and odours. The G248 produces an impressive 400mg/hour of ozone. These two factors combined make it an unrivaled air cleanser.

Because the ozone is mixed with room air so quickly, elimination of odours is instantaneous. Ozone is the most effective way of destroying odours and pathogens. On a molecular level it breaks down the structure of airborne particles, leaving them unrecognizable to humans. In this reaction pure oxygen is created - essentially making fresh air!

Ozone is used in much the same way in hospitals to wipe out life-threatening viruses. It is a powerful tool, so use it and use it wisely!

The G248 is perfect for disinfecting and killing odours in rooms of up to 6,000 cu feet.



Our long-awaited in-line unit, carries the usual O'D-AIR guarantee of absolute odour elimination.

UK design and specifications, cleans up to 50,000 cubic feet of air.

A two cell, in line unit which fits directly into a 10" or 8" ducting exhaust system

O'D-AIR II completely neutralises odours, kills pests and pathogens with a very high output of ozone, produced via two extremely durable corona cells.

Using high voltage technology the O'D-AIR II produces ozone directly in any exhaust air duct, providing much needed peace of mind when odours are an issue!

Designed for constant and heavy use. However, we provide a low energy setting for use when high output is not essential.

Ozone is the most effective odour and pathogen neutraliser out there. It actively breaks apart odour molecules, making them unrecognizable to human scent, in fact all that remains is pure oxygen - fresh air! In such high output levels, ozone is completely safe for the grower as it is vented out into the atmosphere.