Oldtimer Organic Bloom 5-3-3

Product Description

Plant Magic Plus are pleased to bring you this amazing and unique new generation of plant nutrition.

As well as having the correct proportion of NPK to ensure a healthy crop right through to harvest, this special formula will also feed beneficial fungi and micro-organisms ensuring a happy, thriving growing medium.

We are very confident that this nutrient will give outstanding performance in all factors of growing:

•Amazing natural flavours •Increased yields

•Increased plant health

•Increased micro-population

•Increase in aromas

We use EU organic approved ingredients containing beneficial secondary and micronutrients.

Caution: Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Always wear gloves and eye protection when using this product. In case of contact with skin and eyes rinse with clean running water.


Oldtimer Organic Bloom 5-3-3 - NPK Technology Hydroponics
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