Plant magic Essence Starter Kit

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Essence is a highly concentrated bio-culture containing over 20 strains of micro organisms to re-establish balanced bio-activity.* We also highly recommend the use of GRANULES and BOOST to ensure that your crop remains healthy and fungal free from the roots to the tips of the leaves.

Benefits of Essence

Once activated Essence produces a powerful blend of beneficial organisms that will quickly colonize the surface of leaves and stems to:-

ā€¢Form an effective barrier against airborne pathogenic fungi

ā€¢Combat existing fungal pathogens

ā€¢Improve disease and stress resistance

ā€¢Healthier, more robust growth

*The blend includes Bacillus strains such as B subtilis and B mageterium together with Rhizobia, Azotobacter (nitrogen fixers), Sacchoromyces, trichoderma and other natural strains. There are no pathogens or harmful organisms present.

Caution: Do not inhale or swallow. Wear protective eye goggles and suitable gloves when handling and using this product. Keep away from children.