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The Ecotechnics PowerStar Contactors have been specifically designed to allow the timed switching of horticultural lighting and appliances. In use the PowerStar Contactor is very simple and should provide years of trouble free use.
Powerstar Contactor - High Power Ultra Reliable Power Contactors
The majority of growers choose High Intensity Discharge lighting (HID) in their grow rooms. HID lighting is the most effective form of lighting for horticultural use, sodium and metal halide lamps are most commonly used and are of the HID variety. HID lamps require large amounts of power in order to start the bulb to light.
This can be up to twice the normal running power and may increase as the lamp gets older.
(All Powerstar’s have 1m cable for the sockets & plugs.)


  • 1 - way Powerstar has 1 power sockets
  • 2 - way Powerstar has 2 power sockets
  • 3 - way Powerstar has 3 power sockets
  • 4 - way Powerstar has 4 power sockets


  • Simple to use
  • Long term reliability
  • 4 socket options
  • No calculations¬†
  • Plug and play¬†
  • Low cost¬†
  • Full 3 year warranty
PowerStar Contactors have high power relays to pass the power to the lighting system, allowing you to control your lighting with complete confidence.Full 3 year warranty