Revolution DEva 1000W DE

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The Revolution DEva is the latest 1000w DE grow light to arrive. The low frequency square wave electronic ballast is built right into the reflector, giving you a simple plug n’ play lighting solution for your grow room. As easy as that!

NPK Says: Buying a new light can be daunting, so when you purchase this fixture you'll also be given an email address or phone number for help and support when installing and using the light. We're big fans of this company and their light isn't just making light waves, it's a whole new approach to lightign engineerign and customer care. 

This low-frequency square technology gives the benefits of a high-frequency ballast without all the drawbacks. It means less strain on the components yet better colour rendering, no electronic magnetic interference (EMI) and more efficient running.

This unit comes included with a 97% reflective German aluminium (MIRO) reflector and an Ushio Pro Plus 400v 1000w DE HPS lamp, giving you a powerful lighting set-up all in one. It is the first ‘silent’ square wave ballast, giving out the lowest EMI output on record. The DEva runs at 150Hz, 1000 times lower than most electronic ballasts on the market and well out of radio signal range.

The Revolution DEva has been manufactured in an ISO certified automotive and aerospace factory, and the capacitors used inside the unit are ‘avionic-grade’ - rated for 36 years continuous operation! It is easily controllable with smart software features such as automatic dimming and reporting power outages, and the onboard computer will automatically adjust output power to optimise lamp performance. The DEva is dimmable to 600w and 750w, and can also be boosted up to 1150w depending on your needs.

It is recommended to hang this unit from a height of around two to three feet above your plant canopy.

Benefits of the DEva 1000w DE:

  • Highly efficient Silent Squarewave® electronic ballast
  • No radio interference
  • Surge protected and generator safe
  • Computer controllable
  • 97% reflective German MIRO reflector
  • Includes Ushio Pro Plus 400v 1000w DE HPS lamp
  • Cool running with excellent heat dissipation
  • Constant temperature giving better colour rendering and lamp life
  • Avionic grade quality components
  • 3-year warranty

Whilst you can use the DEva with an existing lighting controller, when combined with the Revolution RLC-1 Controller this unit really is one to beat. The controller allows you to dim the lamp if needed, with programmable sunrise/sunset settings – allowing you to truly replicate the great outdoors.

It also eliminates start-up surges, and has the feature of auto-dimming and shut down, for when temperatures reach a pre-set ‘critical’ temperature. It will dim your lamps to try to fix any heat issues if they arise so you can be safe in the knowledge that your plants will always be looked after.

What’s more, with this controller you can control up to 512 DEva 1000w lights over two separate zones.

Benefits of the RLC-1 Controller:

  • Timed control of up to 512 DEva 1000w lights over two different zones
  • No start upsurges
  • Programmable sunrise/sunset to replicate the outdoors
  • Automatic dimming and switch off at set temperatures
  • Intelligent lamp re-ignition
  • Output power can be fine-tuned from 600w to 1150w in 1% increments