RVK 125mm 5" RVK125 A1 Extract Fan, 250m3/hr

Product Description

Good air circulation is an important consideration in any grow room. Made by Lti Systemair of Germany, these RVK range of turbo fans are quiet running, powerful and ideal for connecting to our selection of carbon filters and silencers. Usually an extractor fan is used to bring in fresh air from outside the grow room and another is used to remove stale air from inside the grow room. In some instances, such as smaller set-ups, it is possible to get by with only one extractor which is used to remove (extract) stale air from the grow room whilst fresh air is sucked into the grow room via vents in doors, windows and walls. RVK Systemair extractor fans are suitable whatever method you choose to use and get a full recommendation from us.


RVK 125mm 5
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