SANlight EVO 5-100 Series

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The EVO 5-100 is specifically designed for high open areas and is clearly conceptualized for professional plant cultivation and not for the home user. Due to the power of 870µmol/s at 320W, the luminaire produces a lot of light to achieve very high lighting intensities even with distance between luminaire and plants. Even though a single luminaire with 870µmol/s theoretically provides enough light to illuminate one square meter, we recommend in principle two luminaires per square meter for the most uniform illumination.


  • Designed for high rooms and open areas
  • CO₂ supplementation and dimmer recommended for tent application
  • When used without additional CO₂ fumigation, the greatest horticultural care is advised
  • Recommendations for other tent or room sizes on request
  • Suitable for high intensities despite high distance due to 870µmol/s and 320W
  • Due to a wide variety of installation options, the various cables and other accessories are available separately and are not included