SMSCOM Fan Controller 6.5A

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The SMSCOM The Fan Controller makes it simple to manually adjust the running speed of any type of extractor fan. The unit is compact, easy to use and there is no wiring necessary. Simply plug the Fan Controller into a power supply and plug your fan into the Fan Controller. Adjust the dial on the Fan Controller to regulate the running speed on the fan.
- MAX Load: 6.5A
- Plug and Play - No wiring necessary.
- Increased fan life span
- Decreased power consumption
- Minimal fan inference
- Reduced fan noise
- 5 year warranty


The SMS Thermostat for Fan Controller 6.5A connects to the Fan Controller to provide automatic temperature control. 


Purchased together, the Fan Controller 6.5A with Thermostat provides automatic temperature control. Simply set desired temperature on the thermostat and set the extractor fan to an idle speed. If temperature of room exceeds set temperature, the extractor will automatically increase to full capacity until the temperature is corrected. After the temperature has been corrected, the fan will step back to idle speed. Thermostat can be unplugged and the Fan Controller 6.5A will act as a manual speed control.