SMSCOM Temp Protector 16A

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The SMSCOM Temp Protector provides a failsafe system that protects the room against excessive temperatures. Should the room overheat, the Temp Protector will automatically switch off a number of lights to allow the temperature to drop back to safe levels.
After plugging your lighting contactor/relay into the Temp Protector, simply set the maximum temperature cut off point for your room. Should the temperature in your room ever exceed your set point, the unit will immediately shut down the installation (or the part that's connected to it). If you are using multiple lighting fixtures, we recommend that every other fixture is connected to the Temp Protector). By connecting a SMSCOM alarm system you can also receive a TEXT message on your mobile phone should your installation be shut down. The Temp Protector needs to be reset manually.

- Maximum load: 3600w/ 16amps.
-5 Year Warranty