SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller Pro Series

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The Twin Controller PRO works in exactly the same way as the original Twin Controller but has an additional programme added to its software to remove excess humidity from the growroom during the lights off cycle. 
When the lights in the growroom switch off, the Twin Controller PRO will automatically switch to another programme that every hour, gently increases the fans speed for just long enough to remove excess humidity from the room. When the lights come back on, the Twin Controller PRO switches back to its main programme.
The secondary programme can be activated at anytime so the grower can chose to use this function at any stage of the growing cycle. When not activated the controller acts in exactly the same way as the original Twin Controller both day and night. 

- Optimise grow room temperature
- Optimise negative air pressure
- Very smooth fan speed adjustment
- No need to adjust fan speeds yourself, the controller does it for you
- Accurate to +/- 1 degree
- 5m probe
- Plug and Play
- 5 year warranty

Twin Controller PRO additional features:

- Automatically removes excess humidity during the dark cycle
- No humidistat - no conflicts in operation
- Humidity function can be activated or deactivated at any time

4.5A - Max load (both fans): 4.5 Amps or 3750m3/hrs 

7A - Max load (both fans): 7 Amps or 5000m3/hrs

14A - Max load (both fans): 14 Amps or 10'000m3/hrs