SolisTek A1+ 1000W Complete DE Light System

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The SolisTek A1 Complete Lighting System is a professional high output fixture that powers both double ended HPS & Metal Halide lamps. SolisTek DE HPS lamps have proven to have incredibly high PAR output, a broader spectrum than traditional single ended HPS lamps, and only 5% depreciation @ 10,000 hours.  SolisTek Metal Halide lamps have proven to be a great solution for providing mized spectrum to your garden.

Designed around the competition, the SolisTek A1 provides high output & consistent uniform spread. This fixture is the preferred choice among growers who understand light quality. 

Professional 1000W adjustable ultra high frequency lighting system
High efficiency super reflective horticultural aluminum
Suitable for High Pressure Sodium & Metal Halide Lamps
Incredibly high output & even spread
Featuring Ignition Control™ & SenseSmart™ diagnostic check
Includes SolisTek high output 2,100 µmol HPS lamp
Light weight & easy to install & reflector is easily replaceable

Warehouse Coverage:
Single unit: up to 6' x 7' 
Series: 5' x 6'

Greenhouse Coverage (Primary):
Single unit: up to 7' x 8'
Series: 6' x 7'

Greenhouse Coverage (Supplemental):
Single unit: up to 8' x 10'
Series: 7' x 8'

(dependant on crop & DLI)