Storm DP Dual Voltage

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This Storm Dual Voltage Dehumidifier is the latest model in our range and is perfect for Hire shops for use in both domestic settings and building sites. The machine is easily switchable from 240V standard supply to 110V for Industrial sites that require the lower voltage.

This machine is WiFi enabled which means you can both monitor and control the machine and settings from an App on your phone.

Other key features include a robust LLDPE rotary moulded plastic body which is shock and scratch resistant. The body incorporates large robust wheels and an extendable handle making moving the unit very easy. The Body is also designed to be stackable for compact storage.

The body has a hinged cover giving easy access to all parts for cleaning and changing filters.

The compressor has been changed and upgraded along with the hydrophilic film now coating the heat exchange unit, giving both longer life and improved dehumidification. The heat exchanger tubing is now bored to increase cooling capabilities which makes the dehumidification more efficient.

The Storm Dual Voltage dehumidifier can be operated via our latest touch screen or remotely via the phone App. Condensate is removed via a holding tank and pump which can operate up to 4.5m head. Standard protection incorporates a tank full switch to protect your work space in the event of a blockage in the condensate pipework.