The SpinPro Hand Driven Trimmer

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The SpinPro Hand Driven Trimmer is the ideal product for reducing the time it takes to trim down those pesky protruding leaves on your plants. It also works incredibly quickly and efficiently when removing unwanted materials from whatever you're growing, too, making it perfect if you’re handling high loads of crops or produce.

  • Trims effectively with just a few turns of the handle
  • Reinforced 14mm gauge handle and mechanism
  • Top quality materials ensuring a long life and smooth operation
  • Dishwasher safe components simplify the cleaning process
  • Greatly reduces hand strain

    Simplify the entire trimming process with this cleverly designed SpinPro trimmer, and take away all the stress and hassle usually involved with tools such as trimmers and pruners. We recommend checking under the grill fairly regularly to keep everything cleaned out, as this is the best way to attain long lasting effectiveness.