Top Climate Elite

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The units are super silent in operation with top quality components, the compressors are built into a soundproof enclosure to reduce noise and vibrations.
All the units have built-in water valves making sure they only use water when it is needed, meaning the Elite Cooler has a very low water consumption and is very energy efficient.
All Elite Cooler units have the following:- 

  • ¬† Simple to use 5 metre wired digital controller
  • ¬† Cooling, heating and dehumidifying functions
  • ¬† Day and night settings
  • ¬† Single-phase power supplies
  • ¬† Ultra-quiet operation¬†
  • ¬† Temperature, humidity and light sensors¬†

Global Air Supplies UK have sourced what we believe to be the best water cooled air conditioning unit on the market, the Top Climate Elite. 
We have trialled the unit for over 2 years making adjustments to make the perfect cooler. We have made sure the Elite Coolers have the best performance using the least water and power consumption of any cooler of this style.
The Top Climate Elite Cooler give you total environmental control. The units can cool, heat and dehumidify all from one unit.
The Elite Cooler has been designed to be the only plug and play water cooled air conditioning unit on the market. No difficult set up, no fine tuning of the parameters, just connect a water supply, electricity and set the desired temperature.
Simple to use, set your day and night temperature and the unit takes care of your environment by either cooling, heating or dehumidifying the air.
All of the range of Elite Coolers have built-in heaters meaning the unit can be used all year round to maintain a constant environment, independent of the weather.