Vitalink Bat Guano

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Bat Guano

  • Soil builder and compost activator
  • Increases a plant’s ability to feed
  • Reduces fungal infections
  • Provides a wide range of natural chelates for great structural stability

VitaLink Bat Guano is bat faeces that have been composted over hundreds of years to produce an odourless and highly phosphorus fertiliser. Basically, it’s bat sh*t and it’s brilliant for your plants! Elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are found in bat guano which are beneficial to plant growth and make the product an ideal fertiliser or soil conditioner.


Ideal for indoor and outdoor use in soil, compost and coco coir growing media, VitaLink Bat Guano can be used with herbs, vegetables, bulbs, flowers, shrubs, fruit and trees. VitaLink Bat Guano can be used in seedbeds and on lawns or applied directly to soil either in a powder form or mixed with water to form a guano tea. It can also be mixed with topsoil or other composts to enrich the mixture and be used as a compost activator.

  • Established plants: Side dress established plants during the growing season to act as a fruiting and flowering booster. Gently work VitaLink Bat Guano into the soil around the plant and water well.
  • Guano tea: Mix 2 x 10ml spoonfuls (spoon supplied) per 3 litres of water. This works well for soil, as an additive for hydroponic growing or for foliar feeding to help plants resist fungal attacks. Water plants around base twice a week.
  • Potting mix: Mix with soil, compost or coco coir growing media, add 350g per 50L bag of compost/coir, mix well, plant and water. The time-release action of VitaLink Bat Guano means it will be available to the plants over a 3 – 12 week period. Re-apply as necessary.
  • House Plants/Pot Plants: Surface dress around the base of the plant with one 10ml spoon per plant, lightly mix with surface substrate and water immediately. Continue to water plants regularly, and repeat every three months.

Please note: Guano is not complete in its NPK, we suggest you try other complementary organic fertilisers for N (such as; fishmeal) and for K (such as; palm tree ashes) for supercharged growth.

Available in 700g and 3.5Kg tubs