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VitaLink Buddy is a superior Phosphorous and Potassium flowering booster that stimulates a vigorous flowering response from your plants for a huge increase in both yield and crop quality.

  • A lower concentration PK booster designed for use throughout the duration of the bloom period
  • During the flowering process, an increase in the potassium to nitrogen ratio speeds up the reproductive processes and encourages plants to use more energy on their flowers or fruits leading to an increased yield
  • As well as Phosphorus and Potassium, Buddy contains Magnesium and Sulphur which aid the uptake of P and K as well as being fundamental in photosynthesis

By providing these essential flowering elements in a refined and easily absorbable form, the impact of VitaLink Buddy to your nutrient program is visibly fast.

Directions for use

This product should be used alongside your normal bloom nutrient and will work well with any major nutrient package – particularly VitaLink Hydro/Coir Max. Highly recommended for application in all hydroponic systems.

Use Buddy from week 1 of flowering at 0.5ml per litre increasing to 1ml per litre over the next two weeks.

Do not use VitaLink Buddy and VitaLink PK13/14 at the same time and take care when using in conjunction with any other concentrated PK Booster.