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Cal Mag

  • CalMag is a very effective vegetative growth booster
  • Highly recommended for use during extended vegetative growth when growing in coir media
  • Also contains Nitrogen (N), Sulfur (S) and Iron (Fe)

VitaLink CalMag additive contains calcium and magnesium, nitrogen and iron, all vital elements for strong plant growth. Calcium is considered immobile within the plant which means once Calcium has been used by the plant in a specific spot, the plant can’t remobilise it and transport it to other areas of need like it can with other nutrients.

CalMag has benefits in a number of situations:

  1. CalMag is great at buffering water in very soft water areas, allowing for more reliable control of your nutrient pH when dosing up your reservoir
  1. A useful source of Nitrogen (N) required for extended vegetative grows when growing in coco coir
  1. Additional calcium to supplement your base nutrient when expecting very hot conditions where the plant may suffer from deficiency because of a lack of calcium mobility

Directions for use

VitaLink CalMag should be used alongside your base nutrient or as a buffering agent in extremely soft water.

Dosage: ramp up from 0.5ml per litre to a full dose of 1ml per litre from the third week of vegetative growth in coco coir media, or when calcium is short in supply, until flower initiation.

It is important to not overuse VitaLink CalMag, as this may cause other adverse effects on the ratio of nutrients in solution.