Vitalink Earth MAX Bloom

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Earth MAX

Professional single-part quality plant nutrient specifically developed for growing in soil/compost.

  • Includes fulvic acid to aid nutrient uptake
  • The formulations have been developed to suit a wide range of potting mixes

Earth MAX is a single-part nutrient with both grow and bloom formulations which are very easy to use and ideal for inexperienced growers. Built on years of experience, Earth MAX supports healthy soil by maintaining the balance between nutrient load and biological life.

Directions for use

In very soft water areas we recommend a half strength VitaLink CalMag supplement (0.5ml per litre) during vegetation.

Recommended pH: 5.8 – 6.5.

A growers tip – strong nutrients (EC 1.6 and higher) negatively impact biological life in soil which is something you need for reliable results. This is especially important if you are looking to reuse your soil/compost. The reason being that high slat loads kill off the beneficial bacteria and fungi that play a crucial role in making nutrient available to plants.