Vitalink Fulvic

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  •  Drive nutrient uptake and transportation
  • Fuel rooting, flowering and growth
  • Fast acting – quickly absorbed by your plant.
  • Use as a foliar spray (10ml/L) or root feed (2ml/L)
  • Maximise results from other nutrients and additives

For faster growth and bigger yields power your plants with VitaLink Fulvic! It’s a pure fulvic acid, which aids in nutrient uptake and transportation. Use it to boost growth at all stages, as a foliar spray or as a root feed.

Fulvic acid is a short chain organic molecule with the same humic structure that acts as a mineral chelating agent. It effectively wraps around metals in solution to prevent precipitation.

Fulvic and humic acids are byproducts of the natural breakdown of plant tissue and are precursors to amino acids. Fulvic acid has been scientifically proven to be more effective at nutrient uptake than humic acid.