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Help plants grow and thrive when temperatures drop below 5 degrees Celsius using VitaLink Heat. An advanced bio stimulant designed for use by growers striving to achieve maximum yield, cost-effectiveness and advanced technology.

  • Protects plants against stress in cold and frosty conditions
  • Prevents flower abortion
  • Allows side shoots and buds to develop in low temperatures
  • Encourages growth hormone production
  • Maintains high growth rates throughout the winter months

VitaLink Heat contains betaines which accumulate within the plant and stimulates the continued production of growth hormones that would otherwise shut down under conditions of abiotic (environmental) stress.

Directions for use

This product provides an accumulative effect, meaning the longer it is used the more potential benefit you receive. However, if Heat is only used when low temperatures start, a foliar application will give a quicker and more effective response.

Foliar application – use at 5ml per litre and spray as a fine mist, do not spray to run off.

Rootzone application – use at 0.4ml per litre alongside your base nutrient.

Do not use Heat and Chill together. Each product will give some protection against damage from the opposite environmental condition for which they’re formulated and they should not be used together. If used with VitaLink Hydrate, use half the dose rate of each.