Nutrient Additives

Vitalink Hydrate


250ml 1ltr

Product Description

Hydrate Allows plants to not just survive through drought conditions, but continue growing Betaines suppress the plants shut down response during drought periods through continued production of growth hormones Perfect for plants grown in non-attended grows both indoors and outdoors Hydrate is perfect for plants being grown without constant attention, or if there is any risk of interruption to water/nutrient supply. The accumulation of betaines offer protection because it facilitates the storage of additional water by the plants. You need to assess the likelihood of drought situations, depending on climate conditions, whether you’re going on holiday or whenever your plants are likely to not be watered over a period. Low risk situations: 0.2ml per litre Medium risk situations – 0.4ml per litre High risk situations – 0.6ml per litre Always add VitaLink Hydrate to a fresh solution. If used with VitaLink Chill or Heat use half their dose rate and half the dose rate of VitaLink Hydrate.


Vitalink Hydrate
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