Vitalink Silicon MAX

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Silicon MAX

  • Strengthen cell walls and toughen plant structure
  • Shield plants against heat and stress!
  • Support bigger yields and heavier fruits
  • Boost resistance to pests and diseases
  • Reduce transpiration (lose less water through leaves)
  • Stabilise pH fluctuations of your feed
  • Boost CO2 absorption, chlorophyll production & photosynthesis
  • Designed for easy absorption
  • Incredible investment – low cost + fantastic dilution rate
  • Most concentrated silicon booster on the market!
  • Fantastic for all stages of growth (until flowering)
  • Exceptional results in all growing media and all growing systems
  • A favourite for hydro growers

Silicon MAX is a highly-concentrated silicon additive (it contains 6% Potassium Silicate). It is formulated to help produce stronger plants, thicker roots and increase resistance to disease. Arguably not an essential nutrient for your plants, yet it’s highly beneficial to plant health – we strongly recommend you use it!

Note: As Silicon MAX is a highly-concentrated silicon additive, you should add it to the water first, mix, then add your nutrients. You may need to bring the pH down before adding your base nutrients and additives, as Silicon MAX can raise the pH.

Available in 250ml 1L and 5L bottles.