Vitalink Turbo

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  • Larger flowers and fruits
  • Increased flower sites
  • Increases the overall weight of the plant

VitaLink Turbo gives a turbo boost to your plants generally but makes a massive difference to flower size. VitaLink Turbo’s active ingredients are L-amino acids and brassinosteroids. L-amino acids are the building blocks for proteins in plants and brassinosteroids are a naturally derived plant hormone that pushes the plant generatively.


Use at 1ml per litre from two weeks prior to flowering until flushing. VitaLink Turbo should be used alongside your base nutrients and additives. It is a biological stimulant and as such will not push your EC any higher.

Note: Turbo is a natural product and may smell soapy when first opened developing into a more pungent aroma the longer the bottle is open. This is not a concern and Turbo will continue to give you great results regardless of the smell.

Available in 250ml and 1L bottles