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The Wilma Big Hydroponic Dripper growing system is the elder brother of the now famous Atami Wilma range.

An 18 litre pot with excellent recirculating or run to waste dripper system, ideal for the first time grower or for even the smallest growing spaces.

It is a modular system that comes complete with two types of dripper- stake allowing you to use any kind of growing medium including clay pebbles, coco & soil.

These systems are excellent for the grower who wishes to produce medium to large plants with the benefit of the plant producing a very large root zone, which in turn allows the plant to take up very large quantities of nutrient.

 Dripper systems work simply via a pump supplying nutrient/water up to the growing pots which drains through the growing medium with the excess draining back into the nutrient tank to repeat the process .

Generally young seedlings/clones can be introduced into this type of system early as the drainage properties are excellent.