X-Stream - Basic Propagator, Heated & Unheated.

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Seeds or cuttings are placed on the heated base using any propagation medium. Desired temperature is set - to within 1°C - using the digital thermostat. The thermostat probe is placed inside the propagator to read and maintain the desired temperature.

Heat is dispersed evenly across the base, unlike most heated propagators there are no hot or cold spots; so no uneven growth. Temperature is fully adjustable from 5°C to 30°C; allowing growers to adjust the propagation environment to suit their specific grow area.

X-Stream lid sits on top of the heated base and maintains the heat and humidity required for successful propagation. As plants develop, the vents in the lid are opened to reduce humidity and gradually harden the plants off, ready for transplanting.

Why the X-Stream Heat produces great results
• Even heat dispersion, no hot or cold spots.
• Temperature is accurately maintained.
• X-Stream lid retains humidity levels.

The benefits of the X-Stream Heat
• Maximum control – set and maintain the desired heat and humidity levels to suit the specific growing environment.
• Large enough for the serious grower – most heated propagators are only suited to small scale growing. X-Stream Heat fits 3 trays of Grodan SBS cubes!
• Even growth – no hot or cold spots means plants develop at the same rate and can be transplanted together.
• Ease of use – digital thermostat displays actual temperature and desired temperature for easy monitoring of the growing environment.