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Xtreme Gardening CalCarb is a great source of calcium and carbon! Calcium is essential for keeping plants healthy and full of vitality, strengthening cells and regulating nutrient uptake. It also plays a major role in the final quality of the plants yield. Not only that, it also helps protect the plant from negative effects that result from heat stress. CalCarb is suitable for use as a foliar spray on all plants from fruit, vegetables herbs and flowers.

What makes CalCarb so good? Doesn’t the plant get calcium and carbon from soil and air?

In general, yes, a plant will have access to these elements from these sources. Calcarb is made of an unstable form of calcium carbonate which converts to calcium oxide and carbon dioxide when applied to the foliage. This has 2 effects. Firstly, the plant has easy access to calcium through the leaves. Secondly, and more importantly, the CO2 is released directly on the surface of the leaf. Carbon dioxide levels can rise threefold right where the plants use it, increasing photosynthesis.

Calcarb will also help on plants that are a suffering a little wilt by increasing photosynthesis. It will also raise the surface pH level on the leaves, preventing pathogens getting a foothold. This will not affect pH levels in water tanks which could alter nutrient uptake. For established plants simply mix 1 teaspoon into a litre water and pour into a spray bottle, ensuring a good blend. Spray on the plants, concentrating on the underside of the leaves for maximum effect. There will be a residue of chalky white calcium on the leaves that you can rinse of after 3 days. It is, however, better to leave this on. For flowering or fruiting plants, use 2 teaspoons per litre and spray “shots” on some leaves. It doesn’t need applying to every leaf for good effect.