Zues Extreme Air Mover

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The Zeus Extreme is the largest air mover in the Alorair Solutions range. The 3000 cfm air output creates a large amount of high volume, low pressure air which is ideal for increasing the efficiency of any drying process when working with the Alorair Dehumidifiers.

The Zeus Extreme is also designed to work with large diameter non-collapsible ducting. This makes it ideal for both ducting fresh air into confined working spaces and removing fumes to an outside location. Alorair solutions can supply ducting to suit your requirements.

the LLDPE moulded body is tough and scratch resistant making it ideal for site work. The units are stackable for easy transportation and storage.

The Zeus Extreme 3000cfm Air Mover is the strongest in the AlorAir range. It is simple and ideal for assisting Dehumidifiers do their job correctly and efficiently. Air Movers will blow air over and water damaged surface, moving the water from the surface to the atmosphere, ensuring a quicker drying time. The Extreme has 2 settings of fan speed and a variety of ways it can stand to direct the flow towards any problem areas. The fan can also be used with non-collapsible ducting (please ask about ducting available) for blowing Air into confined spaces – forcing out toxic gases,  or extracting from confined spaces, it can also be used in long distance transportation of air with “double ducting”. A super robust rotary moulded exterior housing the powerful fan. It also has an hours counter as part of the features.