One plant one light

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One plant one light

One plant - One light

The one plant one light method has been around for a while, but it's taken off recently as a method of fewer plants, longer vegetative periods and a chance to give each plant more time and attention.
If you want to grow bigger plants and push each plant to its genetic potential, this is the method for you.
What to do?

You'll need one light, one 50L pot (We recommend cloth pots), 1 x bag of soil or coco and 1 60 x 60 tray. 
Top feeding works well with this method, but the proven method is to bottom feed the trays and allow the coco to wick up the water and the roots to search to the bottom. The benefit of the cloth pot is that it won't get root-bound no matter how long you veg for.
If you're only doing a few plants it's worth hand watering through the bottom and staying on top of the irrigation manually. If you're doing multiple pots though, the system works brilliantly with the AutoPot Skirt, AutoPot Valve and tank.
This method of growing will automatically water the trays, as and when they need irrigating. The boffins at AutoPot called this Plant controlled irrigation or PCI.
The AutoPot Plant Skirt keeps the nutrients cool and out of direct light in the trays as well as reflecting light back into the plant canopy.
This is a great method to grow big plants, big yields and fuss-free automated irrigation.
Sound like a system for you?
Check out the kit here to get started.
Thank you for reading and let us know what you think?
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