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When should you use hydroponics? There are many different types of soil that you can choose from as you begin to design your garden. The amount of space you have set aside to grow your plants is an important factor in deciding which soil to go with. If you have a limited amount of land on which to plant, then hydroponics may just be for you. The unique thing about hydroponics is that it only requires water to grow plants - no soil is needed. Soil-less gardening delivers the nutrients needed by plants to grow in a more direct manner than...

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Food and Hydroponics Labelling There's great debate over the use of organic labelling as it relates to hydroponics. As consumers become more focused on the origins of their food and its impact on their health, they frequently turn to foods labelled as organic. Requirements for organic labelling vary from country to country, with some countries considering crops produced without pesticides as organic and other countries qualifying the organic label to mean completely natural. In the very strictest standards, natural is defined as plants that are grown in the earth using traditional agricultural methods. Under these standards, no pesticides or chemicals may be used, and the plant...

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