Mammoth P

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Mammoth P

 The only product we’ve been asked for before it’s even in the UK!

Organically derived microbial inoculant that allows the plant to uptake much more Phosphorus. Think of it as having to eat a roast dinner, how much time and effort does it take to cut, chew and digest your food… That’s your current phosphorus uptake (if you’re an organic grower, you have to cook the roast dinner first as well).

With Mammoth P, the microbes are the metaphorical ‘blenders’ in the kitchen, throw in the roast dinner, blend it up and see how much easier it is to take the roast dinner now!

Why do you even want as much Phosphorus in the plant anyway?


To get nerdy for just a second, there’s a biochemical in humans and plants called ATP. It’s the currency of energy, like pounds and dollars for money. The more ATP we can produce, the more energy we will have and also the more energy your plants will have.

ATP stands for Adenosine TriPhosphate! That’s three phosphates! More phosphorus gives the plant the ability to generate more energy…

What’s it going to do with all that energy? 

- Stimulated root development
- Increased stalk and stem strength
- Improved flower formation and seed production
- More uniform and earlier crop maturity
- Increased nitrogen N-fixing capacity of legumes
- Improvements in crop quality
- Increased resistance to plant diseases
- Supports development throughout entire life cycle

If you want to give your plants more energy, Mammoth P is the way forward. It can be added on top of your current grow schedule and guarantees better results!Check out the products here and thanks for reading!

Check out the products here and thanks for reading!


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