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Patience and practice will ultimately lead you to a successful hydroponic tomato crop. Carefully balancing nutrients, aeration, pH levels, temperature, and lighting and misting schedules is a delicate process that takes some getting used to in order to get the greatest flavour, size, and quantity out of your produce.

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HYDROSHOW.TV is back and bigger than ever. Season One of this revolutionary show returns with a difference. HYDROSHOW 1.1 is a remixed version of the premiere season, with additional never before seen features, interviews, and exciting new products to whet the appetite of any discerning hydroponics hobbyist. The show also boasts some brand new weekly competitions, and an end of the series grand prize draw, worth up to £3000. This season, NPK Technology are taking part in a feature in Episode 2, where they go head to head with Gro Supplies in Newcastle, to see who can build the best...

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